$ 3.00

Willy Wonka was not born in Belgium, however, with these bars you are the lucky winner of a 100g of Belgian pleasure! Choose between Milk, Dark, White, or Ruby for plain bars or with creative flavors. Or even possible to personalized for special occasions. 

For personalized order, give us some days and mention the request in the comment section.

Flavors available:

- milk chocolate

- dark chocolate

- milk chocolate Turmeric, Amond Powder and Rice Crispies

- milk chocolate with coffee

- dark chocolate Candied Ginger, Pecan and Cranberries.

- white chocolate Roasted Flakes, Roasted & Salted Pistachios, Poppy Seeds, Roasted Sunflower Seeds and Dried Strawberries.

- white chocolate, Dry apples, Cinnamon, Dry Almond and insert of Dark Chocolate

- white chocolate with sparkles in blue (could be in red too and personalized)

- ruby chocolate pistachios, and dry organic raspberries.

- Personalized message (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Happy Holidays,...)

- ruby with passion fruits 

- ruby with our HOPE Message

Size: 6 1/2 x 3 inch - 100g

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