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V-Club Unique Wine & Chocolate Pairing Box

V-Club Unique Wine & Chocolate Pairing Box

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Let Vergelegen and BE chocolat take you on a sensory Journey. The fusion of the finest South African wines, and the best Belgium chocolates, creates an experience to be savoured.

1 X VERGELEGEN MMV BRUT paired with 5 x BE Chocolat's Biscoff Yellow Heart

The MMV Brut 2016 is a delightful 100% Chardonnay, and offers a lively acidity that is balanced by a hint of baked apples. The Biscoff Yellow Heart is a delectable ganache of Belgian Biscoff cookie crumbs and Belgian chocolate, providing a perfect balance of spices, crunch, and sweetness. Together, the wine and chocolate complement each other in a harmonious balance of flavors, with the acidity of the wine cutting through the sweetness of the chocolate, revealing a delightful aftertaste of ginger, cinnamon, and butter-cream.

1 X VERGELEGEN FLORENCE ROSÉ paired with 5 x BE Chocolat's Champagne-Raspberry Red Heart

The Florence Rose 2022 is a light and refreshing blend of Grenache and Shiraz, and offers a palate of fresh red berries. The Champagne-Raspberry Red Heart is a delicate ganache of Laurent-Perrier Champagne and organic raspberry, providing a subtle fruity flavor elevated by the dark chocolate layer. Surprisingly when combined, the wine and the chocolate suppress entirely the red fruits flavors, to reveal fresh ripe pear tastes and the spiciness from the Shiraz, creating a truly memorable experience.

1 X VERGELEGEN GVB RED paired with 5 x BE Chocolat's Cinnamon Cardamon Cayenne
The GVB Red 2015 is a rich concentrated blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, and offers a palate of dark berries and spice balanced with grape skins exposed to the South African sun and climate. The Cinnamon Cardamon Cayenne is a testament to Central America’s ‘drink of the Gods’ blending spices in dark chocolate to make hot chocolate, providing a warm and spicy flavor. Clean cardamon flavors are distilled by Fifth State in Bridgeport CT, and cayenne discretely highlights the dark chocolate notes. Together, the wine and chocolate create an explosion of spices, vanilla, butterscotch and dark berry flavors, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

In summary, each pairing has been specifically chosen to showcase the quality of the ingredients and the complexity of their flavors. Each of them offers a unique and memorable experience that will leave you wanting more.

Shipping nationwide - Order directly on V-Club website here.

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