Tasting at Westchester Accueil - NY

Tasting at Westchester Accueil - NY

BE Chocolat was proud to be partner of a special tasting event organized by Westchester Accueil in Larchmont, NY on March 18th 2016. Benoit and Benoit ;-) paired 3 wines and 3 chocolates to initiate 80 tasters to a new experience.

To complete the wine tasting, people could taste 9 other wines and products from d'Artagnan.

The 3 chocolate-wine pairings are posted here under, if you would like to repeat the experience.

To schedule other chocolate events in CT or NY, contact us at info@bechocolat.com.


Benoit Roussillon (Wine Importer) and Benoit Racquet (Master Chocolatier)





The 3 tasting Wine and chocolate proposed by Benoit and Benoit:

  1. White wine: Notre Dame du Quatourze - Georges and Suzanne Ortola - Languedoc 2014
    Milk Chocolate: Toasted Sesame Seeds and Peruvian pink salt
  2. Red Wine: Domaine de Cazlles-Verdier - Minervois 2013
    Milk Chocolate: Earl Grey Bigelow Tea praline. 

  3. Red wine: Prieuré des Couleys de Meyney / Saint-Estephe 2010
    Dark Chocolate: Rosemary Raspberry


Team Wine ( Benoit & Marie-Alix Roussilon) + Team Chocolate ( BEnoit & Sylvie Racquet-Fortin)

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Bravo et merci pour cette soirée top !
Bravo pour les accords Chocolat / Vin : Délicieux


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