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Article SWEETHEART by Joey Macari

Westport LifeStyle - December 2018

Deb Lomma, owner of the Winged Tree, is not only a pro at choosing gifts but also giving them. She believes inspired gifts make for a better world and is helping clients all over Fairfield County and beyond surprise and delight their loved ones through all gift giving occasions. Whether you prefer an experiential gift or a keepsake wrapped up with a bow, Deb is full of thoughtful ideas and inspiration this holiday season.



Love to be local? Gift the Entrée Nous book with stunning blooms from Fresh Flower Bar and handcrafted chocolate by BE Chocolat.This gift is fabulous for someone who loves to experience the local flavor in our area. The Entrée Nous booklet is produced yearly and allows a buy one, get one entree at participating restaurants—perfect for a date night or a series of fun girls nights out. Paired with beautiful flowers and delicious chocolate, this gift is sure to be a hit. Starting at $100 - Order here 

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