Collection: Events

Add a chocolicious touch to your events, and share the tempting charms of Belgian chocolate! Here are a few ideas, please contact us if you have better ones!

Share a party favors like no others with our chocolate boxes -- customizable in various sizes and colors, packed with our handcrafted chocolates of your choice.

Add the pure decadence of a chocolate fountain extravaganza, where you can dip strawberries, marshmallow, and whatever tickles your fancy into a flowing river of chocolate goodness. Fancy a Belgian twist on waffles? We've got you covered with our irresistible waffles smothered in pure chocolate that'll have you saying "oui" to every bite. 

Don't forget to cool down with a scoop of our micro batch ice cream that'll transport you straight to heaven.

And for those who've always dreamed of becoming a chocolatier, our chocolate classes offer a chance to learn the secrets of the trade from our talented Belgian maestros.

With BE Chocolat, you and our team can create a cocoa-fueled escapade, where every nibble is a delightful journey into the heart of Belgian chocolate passion.