Collection: Chocolate Class

Welcome to our chocolate classes and workshops! Whether you're looking to learn the art of chocolate making, discover the nuances of chocolate tasting, or master the art of pairing chocolate with various beverages, we have something for everyone! 

Our classes are designed for a minimum of 6 people and are offered in three formats:

  • Onsite at our Atelier: starting at 60$ per person
  • Virtually remotely : starting at 120$ per event
  • At your site : starting at 120$ per event

For Adults or Families:

These classes can be done onsite and remotely. We have been praised in reviews for our warm, personal, and informative classes. You can choose from three different content type for the class:

  • hands-on chocolate making class: you will practice the tempering of chocolate, molding, learn ganache making technique, piping, and packaging your finished products
  • chocolate Tasting: Learn a short history of Belgian chocolate at BE Chocolat, the ingredients selection, the process to create a new chocolate. Choose your favorite 6 pralines to interact with the chef and taste them one by one.
  • chocolate Pairing Masterclasses: We will work with you to select the right combination of chocolates and beverages of your choice, be it champagne, wines, beer, bourbons,.. and use their combination to reveal unexpected tastes of the products.

You can buy additional options with the class:

  • Cheese and Charcuterie board for $10 per person
  • Wine add-on for $10 person
  • Wine+Board add-on for $15 per person

For Children:

Our chocolate workshop for birthdays is the perfect way for children to learn about and enjoy chocolate. The workshop takes place at our Atelier and is a fun and engaging experience for all. After tasting White, Milk and Dark chocolate, children will do their own lollipops! They will be served ½ cup of hot chocolate and a Belgian Liege Waffle with a birthday candle if needed. They will unmold their lollipops creations and package them to go home. The class is 1h to 1h30 based on total number of children. First 10 children to sign up will pay $40 per person, with additional children paying $36.

Next Steps?

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