Collection: In Store (or UberEats and GrubHub)

Welcome to Atelier BE Chocolat, your ticket to the heart of Belgium (minus the airfare!) where the joy of chocolate meets the serene ambiance of Greenfield Hill.

In addition to our online offering, some delights refuse to be confined to overnight shipping boxes. They are listed as 'In Store': micro-batch ice cream, freshly baked Liege waffles, hot chocolate that could rival a warm hug, and the Belgian coffee - a cup of Shearwater Organic coffee infused with 50g of delectable Belgian chocolate, ...

They are available on UberEats and Grubhub.

Whether you choose to savor these delights within our cozy Atelier, feel the gentle caress of the breeze in our charming breezeway, or unwind at one of our picnic tables on the green, Atelier BE Chocolat promises an experience that will transport you to chocolate paradise.