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Shearwater Coffee and Cold Brew

Shearwater Coffee and Cold Brew

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Dripped Coffee from local Shearwater organic coffee. 

Shearwater Organic Coffee Roasters is a USDA Certified Organic coffee Roasters. This means that every single coffee bean roasted in the Shearwater Roastery is grown without synthetic chemical fertilizers or sprayed with pesticides, herbicide or insecticides according to USDA NOP requirements.


Shearwater Organic Coffee Roasters is a small batch artisanal roaster. We roast only 20 pounds of organic coffee beans at a time with a target profile to capture the peak of the origin flavor in each and every coffee bean. The beans are air cooled quickly to lock in the bean’s natural sweetness and flavor so you will enjoy brewed coffee with wonderful aromatics that’s never bitter. You will be drinking Shearwater Coffee within days of roasting and we guarantee your satisfaction and enjoyment.


Shearwater Organic Coffee Roasters is a sustainable, low carbon impact business. We use organic cleaning products, repurpose our burlap coffee bean bags and roast our coffee beans with energy-efficient infrared roaster Diedrich IR-12 as well as deliver locally in zero emission electric vehicle. Shearwater’s business is designed to minimize impact on the environment. Sustainable is our core principle.

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