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Waffle - Saturdays and Sundays only. In-store pickup

Waffle - Saturdays and Sundays only. In-store pickup

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Fairfield County's clamored Belgian Waffles made in small fresh batches. No secrets, just simple ingredients: organic eggs, organic butter, fresh yeast, Belgian pearl sugar... and Benoit's recipe. Disclaimer - the smell and taste are as irresistible as the smiles on Instagram and Facebook.

Only available fresh at the Atelier on Saturdays and Sundays or on special holiday celebrations (Valentines,…)

To avoid too long of a wait if you want more than 4, you can pre-order online and select 'pickup in store' at check out -- or call us at (203) 292 5981.

You would like to plan a birthday party with waffles, lollipop class, and fun? Contact us -

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