Beer and chocolate pairing

Be Chocolat was proud to be partner of the event of Brussels Airlines on December 7, 2016 at BELCHAM in NYC.

For the occasion, BE Chocolat created 3 flavors to pair with AB-Inbev beers :

·         Hoegaarden White: Limoncello white chocolate ganache in a milk chocolate truffle

·         Leffe Blonde: Candied orange peel strips dipped in bitter sweet dark chocolate sprinkled with clove and coriander almond crips

·         Stella: Grilled bacon with Devos Lemmens Béarnaise Royale, dipped in bitter sweet dark chocolate, sprinkled with hickory smoked salt


Note: If you would like to order those flavors, some of them may be under request only.



We welcomed people with the Coconut Curry Milk Chocolat, perfect to high light the new travel destination of Brussels Airlines starting in March 2017 to Mumbai.

Then Benoit gave some explantation about the chocolate production and people were happy to know more about our product.

There were also lucky winners of great gifts from Brussels AirlinesBaobabSteigenberger Wiltcher's Hotel and BE Chocolat.

One of the lucky winner!

Thanks to Christophe Allard from Brussels Airlines and Bieke Claes from BELCHAM for including us.

Christophe Allard (Brussels Airlines), Benoit Racquet (Be Chocolat), Frederic Dechamps (Brussels Airlines), Sylvie Fortin (Be Chocolat) and Francois Duquesne (Baobab).



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