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Milk chocolate couverture and limoncello white chocolate ganache. 

Meletti is an old family producer of limoncello in the Adriatic coastal region of Italy. Now operated by the 5th generation since 1870, Meletti is harvesting local lemons mid-October to create a natural, well balanced limoncello. 

When you taste that chocolate, you will first get the limoncello, then slowly the milk chocolate will melt, to reach a sweet-acid contrast point, similar to a key lime pie. The absence of sweetness is the nice surprise of this limoncello chocolate, perfect for pairing. 
We have paired this chocolate with champagnes, Chardonnays and Sauvignon blancs, and with beers such as Hoegaarden White.

It pair also well with Shearwater Coffee: DR Congo Katanda Village (Creamy Chocolate, lemon lime and cherry) - See Coffee and Chocolate pairing menu.

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