Coffee and Chocolate Pairing

Coffee and chocolate have natural synergy and make for a very harmonious pairing. In that context Shearwater and BE Chocolat developed for you a pairing menu to enjoy both the best way.

The cozy environment created by Ed Freedman, in his new coffee Bar in Fairfield, invites you to relax and have a good moment.

Looking for recommendation? Ask Jason Varga the Chef Barista at Shearwater or one of the baristas parts of the team. 

Jason Varga, chef barista at Shearwater

Benoit Racquet, master chocolatier at BE Chocolat


 Coffee and Chocolate Pairing Menu


Coffee from Shearwater

Chocolate from BE Chocolat


Ethiopian: Kossa Gesse, Blueberry Jam, Complex, Tangerine.

Black Forest: Alsace Kirschwasser, candied cherries, toasted almonds. A dark chocolate lover's favorite.


Toasty Hearth Blend: A Shearwater Signature blend of full bobied Sumutra and fruit - forward Ethiopian beans.

Turmeric: Belgian milk chocolate, organic turmeric, coriander, Rice Krispies ®.


Papua New Guinea:Dark roasted, almond, milk chocolate, butterscotch, dried pear

Praliné: Slow-roasted almonds and hazelnuts praliné small batches, ancestral Piedmont technique.


DR Congo Katanda Village: Creamy Chocolate, lemon lime and cherry

Limoncello: The Meletti Limoncello adds a sweet authentic lemon peel acidity to this treat. White chocolate ganache in a milk chocolate truffle.


Columbia Hacienda La Pradera Estate: Vanilla, raspberry and chocolate

Orangettes: Strips of organic candied orange peel hand dipped in dark chocolate. Traditional treat for dark chocolate lovers.


 Nitro: Cold

Vanilla Bourbons: Bourbon Island vanilla extract, 10-year barrel-aged Bourbon, Bourbon maple syrup.



Ginger: Belgian dark Chocolate, pecans and almonds toffee, candied ginger, cranberries. (2 options: with nuts or no nuts)


And don't forget about the Coffee Cup Chocolate, who pairs with all the coffees. Creamy Ganache of Shearwater Organic Cold Brew Coffee and Ghirardelli White Mocha in a cute dark chocolate cup

Special coffee chocolate made with Callebaut's Fairtrade Finest Belgian Chocolate and Shearwater Organic Brew Coffee.

Benoit Racquet, Ed Freedman and Jason Verga

Shearwater Coffee Bar  - 1215 Post Road, Fairfield, beside Milk Craft.

 For sure, you will BE Addicted !