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Dark chocolate couverture, praliné ganache

We are using raw Piemont hazelnuts (60%) and raw almonds (40%) to craft praliné in small batches. One batch of praliné takes about 45minutes, to allow the oils from the nuts to exude and crystallize the sugar in a much harder structure that regular sugar. After cooling down, we crush these into a paste that is blended with milk chocolate to do the filling. The resulting quality of the flavor extraction and the crunch that you get is unique to small batches praliné production. 
Both in milk or dark couverture, the texture and taste of this chocolate are an immediate travel to Europe. 

In pairings, this chocolate reveals the toasted character of the liquid, showing often pastries notes when paired with with port, champagnes, and white wines. 


- ¨Coup de Coeur¨ of our Master Belgian Chocolatier

- Special Thank you to our Top Ambassador Florence F. who asked for the milk version... and so we did it ;-)

Milk or Dark
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