Collection: "LOVE" Collection

There are many sweet ways to say "I love you" with our delicious heart-shaped pralines. Our chocolates are available in a variety of flavors including salted caramel, champagne-raspberry, Biscoff, passion fruit, vanilla, and lavender making them perfect for any occasion to express your love, be it for the first time or forevermore.

Our BE Sweet and BE Magic boxes crafted from chocolate itself are the perfect way to wrap your love. You can also chose from many packages and gift boxes of all sizes to express your love in a discreet or bolder way. 

Love can also be playful with our chocolate bombs, delicately fresh with our Strawberry-rose truffles and bars, truly indulgent with our chocolate-dipped strawberries (available for pre-order to ensure freshness), or a heartfelt message with our personalized bars.

If you have other creative ideas in mind, we would love to bring them to life in chocolate. Simply send us a note at and let's make it happen together. Love should be celebrated in the most romantic way, and our chocolates are the perfect way to do just that.