Collection: Mother's Day

Your mother is someone special in your heart, someone you admire or someone you simply love. You want to please and honor her for all she does for you?

Mother's day, May 14th 2023, is the occasion to celebrate her - while all year around is also a good moment!

We propose 3 ideas:

  • BE-Original: Book a Chocolate Class  with our Master Belgian Chocolatier "BEnoit".  Learn the basics of chocolate, create and taste. You'll leave the 1.5-hour class with a nice box of chocolates. It's the perfect opportunity to enjoy a unique moment with your mom.
  • BE-Sweet:  Select 4, 6 or 15 chocolates to create the box that your mom will appreciate the most. Hint: the "Rosemary Raspberry" seems to be a favorite!
  • BE-Loved: Looking for something combining originality and sweetness? With  unique HEART, your mom will surely be touched.

HAPPY Mother's Day !