Collection: Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas collection by BE Chocolat

Time to please kids and adults alike!

BE Chocolat imports Callebaut's Finest Belgian chocolate, to handcraft in Connecticut these traditional Saint Nicholas figures, using original molds from Belgium. Be ready for some good memories! With Hollow and Plain figures, the collection is available in delicious Dark, Milk, and White chocolate.

Don't wait, order now to reward the good kids and celebrate Saint Nicholas in the US.


What's the story of Saint Nicholas?

On December 6th of each year, Saint Nicolas pays a visit to all the children in Eastern and Northern France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and many parts of eastern Europe.

Although the traditions change from region to region, the day is a very important day for kids. Some kids leave their shoes out the night before to have them filled with coins or candy.

In another variation, kids leave a carrot and turnip for the donkey; Saint Nicholas leaves orange and a sweet in return like chocolates !!!