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Chocolate pairing discs - Reserva de la Familia

Chocolate pairing discs - Reserva de la Familia

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Reserva de la Familia® is the crown jewel of the Cuervo family of tequilas. For over 10 generations, Reserva de la Familia® was a family secret only shared with the closest of friends. In 1995, to celebrate their 200-year anniversary, the family decided to share this special blend with people who truly savor an exceptional tequila.

It resonated with BE Chocolat’s values of craftsmanship, carefully selected ingredients, small batches and connecting people from all horizons around exceptional chocolate flavors, all of which make the unique signature of BE Chocolat.

Working with Reserva de la Familia’s Director of Taste, we have created 3 pairings to showcase how Reserva de la Familia® shines when combined with the perfect ingredients. 


SERVE: Serve chocolate chilled with glass of Reserva de la Familia Platino

PAIRING. Ruby chocolate is a new chocolate making it’s way into the chocolate family. It is made from cocoa pods that are red instead of dark brown, revealing a final chocolate that naturally showcases a ruby color  with a strawberry yogourt taste. We balanced this chocolate with subtle lime inclusions to highlight this pairing.

When served together, the ruby chocolate accentuates the melon and honey notes of the tequila. The hints of lime in the chocolate dance along the palate and showcase the clean and refreshing finish of the tequila.


SERVE: Serve milk chocolate room temperature with glass of Reserva de la Familia Reposado.

PAIRING: This milk chocolate was specifically crafted with hints of cinnamon to reveal the nutmeg and wood aromas of the Reserva de la Familia’s unique aging and blending process that employs there different types of wood and barrel toasting styles. The aromas of cooked agave, flavors of clove and vanilla are highlighted by the cinnamon silky milk chocolate.


SERVE: Serve dark chocolate at room temperature

PAIRING: This dark chocolate was crafted with hints of orange and orange skin extracts to pair perfectly with the Extra Añejo. The orange flavors and bitterness from the dark chocolate pair with the oak, vanilla, and cinnamon flavors on the palate, leaving the last word to the Extra Añejo with the long and silky finish.

Reserva de la Familia Extra Añejo is the perfect pairing for many dark chocolate desserts. 

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